shocking muscles

  1. shocking muscles

    i work at a gym so i get alot of input from different people. is it true that you should shock your muscles through out your workout? some guys say definatley and others say no its not important.

  2. what do u mean by "shock"

  3. throwing different sets and reps at your muscles throughout your workout.

    btw, im new to all this. i appreciate all the input

  4. Yes you should change [I]something[I] about your routine every couple months. Change the rep range, the exercises you're doing, the splits you're working with, etc. Otherwise your gains will come to a stop becuase your body has adapted to your current routine.

  5. yea basically always keep your muscles guessing. Its all about mind to muscle connection. If you consistently do the same workout and use the same muscles then your body is going to expect what you are doing. If you change it up then your body is tells itself O wait i haven't done this in a while and you get much better gains that way

  6. I would say yes. Like mentioned above, it's good to change your routine often. In my opinion muscle confusion is a good thing.


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