Squatting/Dead lift/ Weight lifting shoes

  1. Question Squatting/Dead lift/ Weight lifting shoes

    I am looking to get a little bit of feed back on what shoes everyone wears to do squats.

    I am thinking about investing in a pair of Do Wins, chuck tailors, or even wrestling shoes, and I am trying to figure out what everyone uses.

    I have read numerous places that track shoes are not good to squat in, and I want to see what the consensus is for an affordable and proper squat shoe.



    Also- A friend of mine has severe shin pain when he squats and dead lifts, could it be the shoes he wears that are killing his shins? He has high arches—any suggestions to stop the pain, other than stop lifting?

  2. I have the Do-Wins and like them alot. I also use green Superfeet insoles with them, and they offer pretty good arch support. This setup really helps for squats.

  3. I have a pair of adidas adistar weightlifting shoes. I used them for olympic lifting and are awesome for squats.

  4. Converse are as good as anything

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