Training for big muscles and nice cuts

  1. Training for big muscles and nice cuts

    Curious to how some of you guys workout. I can put on muscle size at a pretty easily. My problem is losing fat, do you guys do cardio first thing in the morning, or immediately after a weight training session.

    Looking for some insight, thanks!

  2. morning before eating if i even decide to do cardio.

  3. im trying out the fasted morning cardio. I go 30minutes on an elliptical with the resistance cranked up some. I go at a fast jog and it seems like it would be medium intensity cardio.

    I would not do high intensity in the morning cause I think it would start breaking down muscle.

  4. fasted morning HIIT cardio ftw

  5. best times for cardio are immediately upon waking on an empty stomach, or directly after your workout. Best way to burn fat and preserve muscle is to do low intensity cardio. I keep my heart rate between 115-125.

  6. does anyone have a preference on whether it is more effective to perform cardio first thing in the morning or after a workout? I currently perform cardio after lifting, would it be benificial for me to switch to first thing in the morning? I usually work out later because i like to have a few good meals in me for fuel, does anyone feel that cardio on an empty stomach is more difficult?

  7. I dont think its any more difficult. Pre cardio I take 1/2 tsp of BA 1-2 scoops of white flood, and 3 scoops of Xtend. 3 scoops of xtend intra workout as well.


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