Has my trainer lost mind???

  1. Has my trainer lost mind???

    Stared with a personal trainer about a week ago, hes totally overhauled my workouts

    d1- 16-20sets of bis tri - 26 min of HIIT cardio, 12 sets of legs
    d2 - 16-20 sets of shoulders - 26 """"""
    d3 - 16 - 20 chest, with 12 sets of abs, 26 min of HIIT cardio
    d4 - 16-20 of back , 26 mins of cardio
    d5 - 12 sets of legs and 26 mins of cardio
    d6 - 1hr of low insensity cardio empty stomach
    d7 - rest

    Am I getting enough cardio even though it is HIIT?? and enuff reps? they are hard sets I just feel like im there so little (1hr and 15 mins)

  2. why in the heck would you do less sets for legs than you would for shoulders?

    you could make the argument that you have three different heads for the delts, maybe trap work (2 heads), but legs? there's quads (4 heads), hams, glutes, calves.

    as far as HIIT and cardio, you're probably getting enough cardio. the rest of your training has me wondering.

  3. get a new trainer.

  4. are you bulking up or cutting? What rep ranges does he have you doing? personally i think you should not do shoulder and chest so close to eachother (causes shoulder injuries), and as far as being in there for an hour 15min that is plenty of time if you are working hard. I am never at a gym much longer than that. If your cutting I would do split my cardio between the morning and postworkout or just do it in the morning if your focusing on really getting shredded. If you hit legs 2x a week then you don't need to do excessive sets unless your breaking it into calves, hams, quads. But if your main focus is a barbell squat then you should be good w/ the lower amount of sets, keep in mind your working your legs when you do sprints everyday as well.

  5. Your "trainer" needs to be reprimanded.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys


  6. Quote Originally Posted by Rodja View Post
    Your "trainer" needs to be reprimanded.

    LOL, gym rat style eh? Tie him down to a bench, and hang a 50lb dumbell over his wanker that is only help up by fishing line(it wont break if you get strong enough test) and stand there with a pair of scissors and quiz him on lifting. All the while slowly moving the scissors around the fishing line. He would be sweating more than a 225 pound guy on 3 different AAS....

  7. lol so rather than tortureing him any INPUT, keep in mind Ive only been back in the gym about 2.5 months, AM I not getting enought weight work in

  8. haha, sry but that routine is a little rediculous. 16-20 sets for bis tris and 12 for legs? i second the "get a new trainer" comment. its sad how unqualified some PTs are. . . . you could've set up a better program yourself with a couple minutes of research


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