Input on back exercises

  1. Input on back exercises

    I'm really trying to find out what you guys would recommend for back exercises to really get width. I have fairly good thickness, but my width is not what I would like. I'm working on tightening up the waistline, but wanted to know what you guys have done to get the width to really develop.

  2. Lat Pulldowns and/or Wide Grip Pull Ups.

  3. straight arm pulldowns really helped bring up my back width, I superset them with pull ups

  4. i agree with the straight arm rows, low rows, lat pulldowns for slow concentration. I also seem to find my lats are really brought out by using the cable machine at almost an incline angle. I have an angle that i hit and it whoops my lats ass

  5. Bent over rows in a smith!!!!! Change grip from overhand to underhand every set. On heavy days make sure to have straps. I also like seated rows, make sure you maintain a 90 degree angle (sit striaght upright) and never loose that position when you pull and relaese the cable. Squeeze the exercise at the stomach for at least 3-4 seconds.
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  6. For back width do a lot of close grip. Muscles work in opposites i.e. close grip= width and outside, wide grip= inside.
    Because if you do close grip curls you work outside bicep, wide grip you work inside and same with back.

  7. Just an example of one of my back routines.

    Pull-ups x 5 sets
    Bent Barbell Rows 4 x 12, 10, 8, 6
    Seated Cable Rows 3 x 10,8,6
    Close-grip Pulldowns 3 x 10, 8, 6
    Deadlifts 3 x 10,8,6

    Keep track of how many pull-ups you can complete in each set and each week try to get more. For instance, the first time you might complete 5 sets for 30 total reps. The next week, shoot for more than 30. As you progress and get stronger, you'll be able to do more.

    You can switch up the number of sets and reps. If you go at it with maximum intensity, this workout is pretty effective. I like to throw in some bicep work at the end. Not a lot though, as three days later I give my arms some independent work of their own.

    Train hard!

  8. start with pull ups Close grip and wide grip pulldowns to fave exercises for inner and outside width and strength then seated cable rows throw in a few sets of mid back shrugs make sure u have ur deadlifts in there at the end man


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