1. Overtraining

    Is it possible to overtrain and not feel any soreness?

  2. possible. though overtraining gets thrown around a lot these days.

    if you're still increasing weights at the gym, or increasing reps, you're not overtraining.

    overtraining is marked by a decrease in weights/reps, lethargy, and getting sick (compromised immune system).

  3. Bump! Suncloud is deffo right!

  4. Well I'm still seeing gains, I was only checking because I've been working out twice a day. I keep the sessions short (30-45 min each).

  5. two-a-days are terrific - I've used them in the past and am working up to them again. However, when using two-a-days, nutrition because even more paramount than when lifting once per day. Two sessions will send your metabolism sky high - pre, intra and post-workout with carbs, amino acids and protein is a must as well as a large amount of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants throughout the day (i.e. fruits, veggies, healthy fats, etc.).

    If you're not eating enough, you'll burn out - quick!
    However, if your are, you'll lose fat and gain muscle - quick!

    Also, lots of sleep is a big help and every two to three weeks reduce your frequency to once-a-day for a week, then resume two-a-days. The change prevents overtraining and gives opportunity for recovery.
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  6. Ya I've been using melatonin to help with quality sleep.

  7. Another vote for what suncloud said. Once you cant make gains, and even start losing them, plus noticing you feel like sh** all the time, your probably overtraining. Overtraining is not related to your muscles so its completely possible to have it w/o soreness. Since overtraining is an overload on your nervous system it wouldnt necessarily cause soreness at all. So just watch out for the symptoms suncloud mentions and your good.

  8. yes. and i agree suncloud. for me to see gains i have to do crazy workouts. what most consider way beyong "over-training". are are talking a possible 40-50 reps of nice size weight per exercise and around 5-7 exercises per muscle group. over training for some, but it produces hell of results for me

  9. Just recently I discovered how "poorly" I was eating.. Not persay in quality of foods, but overall macro counts and such... I devote a lot of energy in the gym, I run and do extra PT with my soldiers and just now since I changed my eating I am WAYYYY stronger, and energy WAY UP!!!

  10. Carb cycling and not cutting calories too low are the best things for me

  11. I concur, carb cycling has treated me very well.
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  12. Do you use carb cycling to help with carb loading as well?

  13. Yeah, carb cycling has really helped with my insulin sensitivity - I'll eat carbs before, during and after working out and then limit them the rest of the day. I also vary how much carbs I have from day to day, going from high to moderate to low.

    I have a detailed description of a current "high" day from my diet plan over in my log, if you want to see what that looks like, it's at:
    Chemical Weapon Barrage! - Unleashing Muscle Pharm's "Hardcore" Stack!

    a bit of a self-plug, but it should give you an idea of what I'm talking about. Hope it helps.
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  14. dumb question but if your getting the right amount of cals and carb and protiens in a day you wont have to worry about overtraining?

  15. Quote Originally Posted by GMan88 View Post
    dumb question but if your getting the right amount of cals and carb and protiens in a day you wont have to worry about overtraining?
    Excessive strain to the nervous system during training.

  16. i completely agree with suncloud. If you jump from working out 3 days a week to two a days then ya I would say be careful of overtraining. However if you work your way up to two a days then your fine. Just to give my 2 cents, keep periodization always in mind. In a month or two it may be beneficial to cut back on the two a days for a while and then work your way back up again. It's amazing how well your body adapts


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