DeFrancos Gym NJ GUYS

  1. DeFrancos Gym NJ GUYS

    Im from South Jersey. I've been looking into going to Defrancos and using their trainers, anybody have any experience there?

    I need a lift partner, nobody is dedicated or consistant enough for me, so Im looking to get a trainer. :good:

  2. where at?

  3. Wyckoff, NJ is where Defrancos Gym is located.

  4. Its one of the best specialized gym in nj is well known throughout the northeast.. if you plan to play football in college or professionally its an amazing place to train... lots of pros have trained there Dave Diehl, offensive tackle
    NY Giants, Deon Anderson, fullback Dallas Cowboys, thats about all i can think of as of late.. i know Brian Cushing used to train there before he became one of the top outside linebackers in the country for USC.. The following is offered for individuals and teams
    Upper Body Strength Training
    Lower Body Strength Training
    Speed Training & Conditioning
    One-on-one & group flexibility training
    Plyometric Power Training
    Strongman Training
    NFL Combine Preparation
    High School Combine Preparation
    Police, Fireman, Military physical preparation
    “Weekend Warrior” strength & conditioning classes
    Phone consultations and on-site seminars

    If you are a serious athlete or just serious about training it is one of the best atmospheres you could possibly train in, everyone there leaves there problems at the door and trains hard. It was just recently voted by mens health magazine as one of the top 30 gyms in the world!

  5. hope that helps..

  6. Yea, I know of the top 30 award, and all the people that have trained there. Im going to go with 2 others, so we can get the team package. Should be great.

  7. Also Joe Defranco invented the concept of Westside for skinny bastards.. Google for more info

  8. If you can get it there and afford it, DEFINITELY GO. Defranco has an awesome place and a great understanding of training. If you put in any effort what so ever I bet you will make better gains that you ever have before.
    Muscle Pharm Rep

  9. If you think Westside Barbell has animals, wait til you get to defrancos.

    If you're just trying to get in a good workout, or trying to get ripped, you're better off going somewhere else. Defranco's is more geared towards athletic performance than building beach muscles.

  10. how many ppl here are from nj or currently live there?

  11. Im from NJ, and Im preparing for football.

  12. im in NJ.. i wanta go to that gym too,, yall been to applon

  13. is that in edison?

  14. Quote Originally Posted by bigzach1234 View Post
    is that in edison?

  15. how close are you to somerset county nj? I know a place just as good for a tenth the price. hit me up.

  16. pretty sure he only trains athletes... dont think you can just go in and sign up dude lol


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