forearm pain on everything

  1. sportf190
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    forearm pain on everything

    hey guys i used to have alot of elbow pain on all my pushing exercises but when i bought my tennis elbow strap that went away.. but now i have a sharp pain in the same arm around my forearm what can i do now to help relieve some of the pain thanks.. maybe wrist straps

  2. Stretching should help it greatly

  3. sportf190
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    really...? how can i learn about that... and its just my left forearm its the same arm i have the teenis elbow on..?
  4. sportf190
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    ok thanks... so i should have great success with this i just want to make sure that i dont have tendinitis or soemthing that will continue to affect my weight lifting.. any one else have simliar problem

  5. I had this problem when ever I would make a throwing motion my fore arm would kill, i stretched it EOD, Iced on the other days after a week i could throw a baseball perfectly again.


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