alternative shoulder workout that helped me out

  1. alternative shoulder workout that helped me out

    For the longest time I've been tryin to find a routine that would build some mass on my shoulders. just about every body part has it's mass builder exercise. chest would be the bench obviously, back is deadlift, and the leg is squat. but i was doing seated dumbell presses for the longest and it just didnt seem to get me anywere. i would lean to hard into the chair and get leverage from lats, and i swayed way to damn much on lateral raises. anyways i have found two exercises that provide me with a nice pump handling heavier weights.

    First being standing barbell press with a grip that is almost exatly shoulder width. like i mean if you put both of your hands straight in the air that's the grip. I found that if the grip is really wide your scapula takes a beating when trying to lower heavier weight.

    Second exercise would be wide grip upright rows. I got this idea after watching an episode of the fit show and Charles Glass was showing how it works the side head of the delts and involves minimal traps. Tried it myself one day and it's awesome you grab a barbell with a wide grip. pinkeys just shy of the power rings (if your bar has them) and you only pull the bar to the bottom of the pec. no more choking that damn bar all the way up to your neck and killing your wrists. if your wearing a tank of some sort you'll really see how your delts actually do get a full range of motion only going to the bottom of the pec.

    If you actually dread training shoulders as much as i did and just got bored with DB press and lateral raises give this a try

    Standing Barbell Press (shoulder width grip)
    4 working sets of 12-15

    Wide grip Upright Rows
    4 working sets 8-10

    Maybe 3 sets of lighter lateral raises in the 15 rep range for a burn
    (I do rear delts on back day at the end of workout)

    It looks simple but im a firm believer In doing more sets of bigger compound movements. and less "foofoo" stuff

    example. My leg day today will be 7 sets of squats and 5 sets of vertical leg press, next week it will be 7 sets of squats and 5 sets of stiff legged dead lifts. I alternate between quad and hamstring emphasis. that's the only change

  2. I felt the same way man, heavy dumbells but it has gotten to where my progression has almost stopped. I started doing standing BB presses last week. How long did it take you to start seeing improvements again?

  3. I've always liked to start out with heavy compound lifts for shoulders. Recently I'd been doing seated military press, but now, under my current circumstances of having to switch gyms (to a gym that doesn't have a military press), I'm going to have to switch to standing shoulder presses. But I'm actually looking forward to this. I'm thinking that even after I've finished any strict reps, that I can go right into a push press type movement, using a little bit of cheating, but really blasting my shoulders, since they'd have to be working as hard as they can to move the weight.

    Starting today, actually, this is what my shoulder routine is going to look like. Wanted to know what the TC or anyone else thought about it.

    Standing Military Press 4 x 10, 8, 8, 6
    Heavy Upright Rows 4 x 10, 8, 6, 4
    Superset: Arnold Presses with Rear Lateral Raises 3 x 6-8

    I figure these four exercises work the shoulders from about every angle. Since the purpose of the deltoids is to rotate the arm in a 360 degree motion, I like to try to work them from various angles.

    Any opinions?

  4. Quote Originally Posted by northswell101 View Post
    I felt the same way man, heavy dumbells but it has gotten to where my progression has almost stopped. I started doing standing BB presses last week. How long did it take you to start seeing improvements again?
    I saw results again within 6 shoulder workouts i'd say.

    i'd also like to throw in if im only doing 4 sets i'm probably gonna be in a much higer rep range 12 to 15 as opposed to doing 10 sets in the 6 to 8 range.

  5. Another thing I to mention is to envision that you are pushing with your elbows instead of your hands. This helps to target the desired muscle much better. Also, do not forget to emphasize the eccentric motion on every rep.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys


  6. Workouts do sound good like standing an seated military press, wish i could do upright rows after dyslocating both of my shoulders they both cant take the upright row burn and pain thats caused that well nemore so its hard to work it in, cuz i love the exercise just the pain is to much for me, but glad you all found exercises that work for ya keep growing everyone


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