what time of day is it best to workout?

  1. what time of day is it best to workout?

    me i mostly workout later on at night around 9ish...is this a good time to be lifting or a bad time?

  2. if thats the only time you can make it to the gym then that works for ya, better than not going at all.

    for me, I always go in the morning before heading out for work, I'll get to the gym around 5:30am... i like this time best b/c it gives me plenty of time to complete my workouts and there's not many people in the gym at time time

    the down side of it is, not getting enough rest due to going to sleep late and later in the week i tend to miss my friday workouts.

  3. if thats the only time to make it then thats what u gotta do, ive always thought that its the best to go first thing in the morning when your body is replenished with energy so you can actually get a full workout without any lethargy, that usually when i have the best workouts and very few people in the gym

  4. I train better at 6pm. Today I have to train at 10:30am and I'm tired and lethargic. Takes me half the day and a boat load of stims to get going.

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