change up your routine.

  1. change up your routine.

    Ya know I've been around the steel jungle for a little while, I don't think I even lifted a weight for the first time without the thought of competition crossing my mind. throughout the last ten years or so I have tried many different training strategies and read so many books and talked to so many brilliant lifters each with their own outlook on training, I have tried lighter weight/ higher rep, circuits, the classic 3/10 on everything, 2 a days, 3 day splits, one muscle group a day, several muscle groups a day, super heavy, eccentric training, or negatives, and all seemed to have their ups and downs, obviously some will work better for others and visa versa, I know that I myself when bulking (over 4500cal a day) respond very well and make great gains to super heavy lifting, at a high/moderate intensity, just on the verge of being out of breath. also taking arnolds classic teachings of putting your mind into your muscle, once you can master this it is all gains from there. I think It would be good for us more exp. guys to shed a little light on these various training strategies and our experiences with them, like/dislikes,etc for the new guys comming here for some wisdom, maybe they have hit their first plateau and need some new ideas or maybe even some of us more seasoned guys could take somethin home from this, share your thoughts.

  2. Weeessssssstssssiiiiidddddeeee eee Fo Life!!!!

  3. im doing westside now i like it bench has gone up about 20lbs

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