High School Track and Field

  1. High School Track and Field

    Hello, I just joined AM! I could use some help. I just finnished cross country and am about to start training for track in the spring. I specialize in the 400m but I also jump and do some shorter sprint relays. I have been using protein powder twice a day for two mounths during CC (gained just under 10lbs of muscle in two months!). I tired creatine for a very short time and it made me feel like I was coming down with a cold, maybe that was a coicidence but i felt better once i stopped taking it. I was wondering what advice any of you have for long sprint training. I would like to stay away from any intence suplements, but i could be convinced otherwise (HS leagal!!!). What is the best protien powder, and what else should i be doing this winter?
    Oh yeah... I lift three times a week.

  2. Post up your normal diet. Getting that on track is gonna be the best thing for you.

    If you are going to keep the protein powder in I would go w/ True Protein (trueprotein.com).

  3. i was just reading the other day that power cleans will help with explosive power for jumping. and i would suggest if you have access to a parachute train with it it will help you with sprinting.

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