Need Help with split

  1. Need Help with split

    Looking to bulk currently all I have is wheels and great back development as far as width but looking to bring out chest and shoulders and arms. Want to focus on upperbody for the most part and need advice with my split. Currently:

    Chest Day1
    Shoulder Day4
    Arms Day5

    any advice would be great

  2. C/S/T- M
    Bi/Back- W
    Leg- F
    Bi/Back- M
    C/S/T- W
    Bi/Back- F
    Leg- M
    C/S/T- W
    Bi/Back- F
    C/S/T- M
    Leg- W
    Bi/Back- F

    That's how I would do it. Lift M/W/F (or w/e 3 days you can, preferably w/ a day or rest between)

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