wrestling...cutting...but tryin to keep a little somethin up my sleeve

  1. wrestling...cutting...but tryin to keep a little somethin up my sleeve

    alright...whats up guys i'm 22 and my goal for this year (4th year college) was to put on some serious mass and cut down all slim and stuff in the summer. So my year started off pounding calories and protein and i went from 162 lbs to 180lbs in about a month, my bench soared as did all my other lifts...then my roommate pointed out that we had a wrestling team here at school. I thought, hey whats the harm in tryin it out right. Wrestling 174 sounded like a plan as cutting six pounds wouldnt be a great big deal. I soon found out though, that i was about to get bounced out of that weight class...now 157 is my station
    which i sort of volunteered for as my natural weight in February/ march was about 157
    problem is, i've grown legs lol and i've gotta hit 157 by nov 8th

    at the moment i'm about 170-172 and a rough estimate is about 10-12% bf maybe a bit less...

    i've cut my diet down pretty drastically
    i drink nothing but water and/or protein shakes
    i try to get 80% of my carbs by the middle of the day (whatever i can manage on a cafeteria style meal plan)
    and im still trying to get close to my body weight in protein while keeping calories low, that involves a little bit of tuna and lots of nuts (not much else around)

    basically i'm doing the best i can with my diet

    what i need help with is my workout
    we have practice every weekday in the evenings
    and i guess it must be over training or possibly my diet but every single one of my lifts has dropped dramatically
    if anyones got a good mainenance workout that can be done while making a pretty tough cut that'd be neat
    or anything else
    i'd really appreciate a hand

  2. lol nevermind...i posted after the gym...my brain wasnt workin all that phantastic sounded a lot dumber than intended...

  3. Are you still looking for help or have you got a plan set up?

  4. get down for or five more pounds and sweat the rest off the night before the weigh-ins..
    for training i would reccomend what worked for me. Lots of progressively heavier deadlifts and squats.. work on your flexibility by adding sets where you lighten weight and work on droping your ass all the weigh to the ground on squats... Just worry about your compound lifts Bench squat deadlift military press and lots of heavy rows.. I noticed that the kids on my team that had very strong backs and could row alot of weight were the same kids that grabbed your legs for take downs and pulled it in with no problem. Lots of streching, and full ROM excersises. Dont over do it with shoulders your shoulders take a beating during wrestling season.

  5. First thing I'd have to know is if it's your firts time cutting for wrestling. I take it you're walking on. And the post above wasn't silly or anything, very legit ?'s.

    I cut like a mad man this summer, energy and strength is going to drop. But wrestling and coaching has gave me a few insights to it all... cutting sucks, and wati till you have to drop the water weight, food will be the last thing on your mind.

    Forget lifting heavy weights right now. I'd try to get your weight down a few more lbs., you have enough time. If you need some more ideas about cutting let me know.



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