Mike Tyson's Push Up Routine

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  1. Mike Tyson's Push Up Routine

    No joke, this will make your deltoids look like you're wearing two bowling balls under your shirt. This gives me a more intense burn in my delts than I could get from any press or raise in any gym.

    WARNING: this routine will work and blow up your chest and shoulders

    do 10 pushups-----> then raise your hands to the cieling for 10 seconds
    then immediately do 9 pushups and raise your hands to the cieling

    then 8 pushups......
    (raise hands 10 seconds)
    then 7........

    all the way down to 1 pushup.

    Inbetween sets, always raise your hands to the cieling and count to ten. Do not hold your hands together, put your hands up like someones got an AK47 in your ugly face.

    Try it out for a few weeks, and see if you can still reach your ass crack after you've dropped the browns off at the superbowl.

    See you on the otherside


  2. PSU represent.

  3. So how is this Tyson's push up gig? Did he tell you?

  4. I imagine that raising your arms lowers the bloodflow, but why would that be any more effective?

  5. Tysons' trainer must have been in the military.

  6. I was actually very curious about this, and tried it earlier.
    My shoulders did burn like a mofo. Regardless if it is used by Tyson or not, it seems to work.
  7. Thumbs up

    Good call BloodLine. I just got back from the gym, and i did this push up routine, along with the same routine using pullups. I did each one twice. I am now officially sore as hell. Good sore though, kind of like the sore you get when you haven't been to the gym in a while. This will be added to my program. Nice info

  8. id like to know how you know this is tyson's, did you find and repost?

    i would think the hands being raised adds to the burn, it should keep the blood there and keep your shoulders working between reps.

  9. following programs by professionals is rather shotty sometimes as somebody like tyson was a very special athlete and no matter what he did he was going to be what he was...it wasnt a push-up routine. Not a shot to anyone I am just saying.

  10. Quote Originally Posted by Hbs6 View Post
    following programs by professionals is rather shotty sometimes as somebody like tyson was a very special athlete and no matter what he did he was going to be what he was...it wasnt a push-up routine. Not a shot to anyone I am just saying.
    its not like it was posted so we could be like Mike lol. Its just another way of working out for people to try.

  11. I think after so many arrests, Tyson got the hands up part down packed. Or, maybe while in prison and doing so many pushups to pass time, he always had to put his hands up so they could search him to make sure he did not bite someones' ear off and got it hidden on him somewhere. I am just saying......... But seriously, that will be my close out routine after a chest workout. If I miss the gym, I can do that at home, except maybe I will try to start from maybe 15 or 20.

  12. WE ARE......................

    Big game this weekend. Any of you PSU peeps goin to game? I'll be there!

    Might have to try this out. Great way to get a good workout if you cant hit the gym.

  13. my brothers friend is actually studying nutrition in college and he came across this. tyson did these while he was in jain to stay in shape and wrote someting about it. ive tried them. they burn like a motherr

  14. damn, i could use some canonball shoulders. Ima incorporate this into my bulking routine which i'm dying to get back into.

  15. Funny I'm in the military and we do these during PT but I liek to start at 5 and work up to 25 then back down.. I do agree they do work your upper body out pretty good..

  16. the hands overraised is something i've tried before, it was actually part of a wrestling practice routine I used in high school.

    it takes quite a bit of static contraction to hold the arms overhead, and it seems to exponentially become harder. meanign if you just held your hands up, say for a roller coaster ride momentarily, it feels meangingless, but 20 seconds later it becomes harder already as you feel a burn..

    i doubt it builds any muscle, but i think it'd be beneficial for

    1.) a mind muscle connection
    2.) pump before gettin onstage
    3.) active recovery pump

  17. I'm gonna try this for 30 days and see if it makes a difference and post back instead of saying it will or won't work without even doing it.....

    See you on the other side...maybe.....:P

  18. It's only 55 push-ups. Is this to be done multiple times during the day? You can do son gods/arm circles or just plain raise your hands above your head and hold them there and eventually will feel a burn. That does not necessarily indicate significant muscle growth. Having been in the military for sometime now and push-ups, son gods/arm circles conjoining in this manner or close to are a guarantee. However, you do not see people with massive shoulders walking around everywhere. If this works for anyone then more power to them.

    That being said, push-ups are definitely a must exercise and laddering or pyramiding are great, but 55? Really? Only 55?
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  19. Push up routine

    I think that I may have been misunderstood as to how we do ours.. we do a pyramid up from 5 to 25 so 5 push ups then raise arms 6 then raise arms then 7 then raise arms all the way up to 25 then back down from 25 down to 5

  20. I just did them, i def. felt a burn but its alredy gone, I liked them tho, I dont think they are good enough to do just by themselves, but I think I am going to do them at the end of my shoulder/ trap day, so they will already be wiped, this shuld finish them off, good exercise though

  21. i tried them too, not bad, there was some work going on but muscle growth as far as hypertrophy goes....doubtful its effective but strength wise it will help. I imagine bumping it up every so often: week 1 start at 10, week 2 start at 15, etc, etc, if you could start from 50 and do this way you would be a pushup beast.

  22. It's ALRIGHT

  23. sounds like a good excercise for begginers to try, probably won't be AS beneficial for the more experienced..

    you'd think he would've made a routine for squats, seeing as they make cons do the old "squat and cough" nowadays.


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