Score a cheaper gym membership

  1. Score a cheaper gym membership


    It's safe to say that all gyms have specials for joining their gym at certain times during the year. Typically, new years, and beginning of the summer. ( always check the gym's website for possible promo's )

    recognize that gym's want CASH FLOW. Most likely, if you perk simple phrases like " I heard about your new years special" or " what is your summer deal coming up going to look like?" the rep will most likely recgonize that you are ready to join, and have done your background homework on the facility. Dont "pull" your membership from the sales rep, " push " it. He wants your #'s, dont forget. Sell yourself. Use phrases like " I'd be more than willing to sign up today if you can help me out on the monthly's or on the initiation fee."

    No joke, I got a 2 year full membership to Gold's a 24 hour gym for 200 $ because the place needed cash fast, so they hooked me up with their "new years" promo in early May.

    Try it out
    See you on the other side

  2. wow, dawg. so far from reading your posts, i've figured out how to grow a sick chest, boulder-shoulder, and hustle some flow off my membership price. say wurd.

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