Gallon Plastic Jug, thin rope, 2 ft. wooden pole, HUGE FOREARMS

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    Gallon Plastic Jug, thin rope, 2 ft. wooden pole, HUGE FOREARMS

    Get an old milk gallon jug, fill it with water. = 8 +/- lbs. Cap it and tape the cap with ductape.

    Tie the rope around the jug handle, about 4 ft. rope

    Drill a hole through the center of the 2 ft wooden pole big enough for the rope, thread it through and tie it off.

    Simply extend your arms paralell to the ground and lock your elbows and use the pole to wind the rope and raise the gallon to the pole. DO NOT let the fall on the way down, control it.

    Do sets until failure every other day.
    Guaranteed, bigger forearms no time.

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    great improvement for grip strength too
    SFW and GFH

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