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    The other day I was using the free-motion cable machine, and directly ahead a few yards away is a squat rack-tower thing. i noticed a guy and this pretty manly chick working out together head over to it. I do my work out turn around grab a drink of water and see them in it doing squats together, no big deal. Turn back around and finish another set. This time i turn around and shes on his back riding him like a ****ing bull while hes trying to go up and down. Oh god it was hard not to spit the water out of my mouth laughing.
    maybe he was doing donkey calf raises...

  2. 1)I finished doing cardio and was sitting on the Swiss ball and talking to the trainer who does the aerobic class and a group of guido-like idiots were going by one by one, stepping on the mats and the trainer had to pick on each one(they didn't come as a group) and the last one stepped over the mat and I clapped and laughed out because I was sure he will step on the mat too and the trainer started to laugh too.
    2)This idiot was on the treadmill at top speed and he got launched off it. I was on the elliptical near him and I had to stop to laugh.
    3)While I was doing vertical press this guy was doing back extensions holding a plate on his back and at each few reps the plate was hitting his head. I was amused by the sheer stupidity of some people.
    4)This guy was working out really hard and the trainer said that he will make Ronnie Coleman envy him and I whispered to the guy working out while walking by him "light weight, babay" and he burst in laughter and dropped the weight.
    5)This girl was doing some exercise with the same principle as dips using a bench and the preacher curl seat and I was walking towards the preacher curl and she asks me if I want to use the bench and I tell her that I'm done doing chest and she puts her legs on the preacher curl and starts doing her thing. :|
    6)The trainer was on the leg press of a guy once and then on the back on another guy that was emulating standing calf raises and I look at him while on the guy's back and start laughing and I ask him if he pays for this job because it looks like a stroll in an amusement park.
    7)This guy in the locker room was nude and he scratched his balls with his right hand and he was like what's up and was walking towards me to shake my hand and I was terrified so I told him that I have to use the toilet and ran inside the WC stand. I don't get men who socialize while nude.
    There are a lot of other ones, but they're either not funny out of context/written or that I don't remember. All this in 2 months of working out.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by babywifey View Post
    maybe he was doing donkey calf raises...
    I think he was trying to squat with her on his back, arms around his neck. But it looked like he was bucking trying to get her off. She was bouncing around on his back, just like someone would while riding a bull.

  4. I forgot one of the best ones... An old fat lady fell asleep on the lat pull down chair while she was resting in between sets. This was probably the most astonishing moment in the gym I had... Who falls asleep there?

  5. I don't understand the whole naked men and socializing in the locker room. I have learned to avoid trips to the locker room at all cost over the past few years due to this inconvenience. Naked men don't mix like two dicks, ya heard?

  6. I busted my ass in the gym today doing front squats. I sat a lil to far back when i broke 90 degrees. I literally went ass to grass and the bar smacked me in the shins when i let it go. Some knucklehead (me) has the bright idea of taking out the pins in the squat rack. Sad thing was that in a gym full or marines, nobody did sh!t to help me! I had to pick my sh!t up and i bounced.....
    Strong people are harder to kill than weak people, and more useful in general. -Rippetoe

  7. Quote Originally Posted by Firsttofight View Post
    I don't understand the whole naked men and socializing in the locker room. I have learned to avoid trips to the locker room at all cost over the past few years due to this inconvenience. Naked men don't mix like two dicks, ya heard?
    I don't get it either. It is always the old guys who do it. I wonder if they are trying to freak us out and scare us away from the gym. Its an old man conspiracy! But I do the same as you avoid the locker room lol at most gyms. Luckily at college I don't usually need it and even when I do noone socializes in the nude anyway.

  8. yeah the old dudes are something else. they walk around bare naked and then just stand there talking like it aint no thang.

  9. i usually go to a gym in the cbd but its uni holidays now so im going to another uni gym closer to my house. It seems to be full of stranger people, or its more obvious because theres less equipment.

    Anyway this average-thin guy walks to the only cable machine and attaches a handle to each low pulley. He then proceeds to do some weird shrug movement for at least 15 minutes and staring at himself like he's moving a house.



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