Ipods are too nice and $ for a dirty and rough gym environment

  1. Ipods are too nice and $ for a dirty and rough gym environment

    You'll never catch me spendin more than 50 $ on an mp3 player that I know is gonna get banged around in my pocket, sweaty, dirty, bottom line....... its gonna take a serious beating.

    So **** apple and their 100's $ ipods.

    They do have the market in a choke hold tho, no one says mp3 anymore its....." ipod".

    You can focus more on your workout if your concentration isnt litter with the thought of your precious mp3.

    GET A CHEAP ONE ! they work just as well. Trust me


  2. I totally agree...I got a Sansa 2GB(which is plenty for me) for $40. It's small, has a clip built into it which is nice, and it gets the job done. I dropped a 90lb. dumbell on it by accident a while ago, I didn't notice it fell out of my pocket, and it still worked for like another month, even tho I couldn't see the display screen haha. I bought the same exact one again, and I'm def. happy with it. Glad I didn't get an Ipod.

  3. fo sho.
    I use a sansa as well.
    SFW and GFH

  4. look up a used on craigs list, i see a bunch for less than $50, those things are durable

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