It Was Awesome...

  1. It Was Awesome...

    So I just came off a week break from using Westside for Skinny Bastards. I used that program for about five weeks. Saw increase in strength with that. But then something bad started happening, and it was my fault. My form went south (because I want to push more and more and more weight). I realize that is a HUGE problem, as bad form gets you NOWHERE.

    I changed the routine up. NOT because of my bad form, because I wanted a routine where good form was MANDATORY. I know good form should always be mandatory by the one working out, but sometimes I let my ego beat me out. Anywho, I've started GVT, yep, that's right German Volume Training, aka Overtraining. Hahahah. And man, today was my first day........Chest and Back. My arms are numbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb.... I started with about 45% of my max on my lifts. I wanted to feel this style of lifting out, and I'm glad I did, as this weight was all I needed to come to damn near failure at the 10th sets.

    Here's what I did today:

    Incline DB Press 10x10x45
    Lat Pulldowns Wide 10x10x80

    DB Flys 3x12x30
    Lawnmowers 3x12x60


    I just wanna tell you all how good it feels to get form back in check. I used this pansy azz weight and got smashed with it. I can't wait to start this routine.

    Best part of all is, I can RIGHT NOW feel it having boosted my metabolism. I drank down 5g leucine/20g protein/30g carbs during workout. Had me a workout cocktail, a larger one before the workout, too. Now, my stomach is RUMBLING. That never happens. I always usually feel the post-workout cocktail is never necessary with lower reps/higher weight, but drink it anyways to fullfill "calorie requirements." I have a feeling that I will NEED my cals with this program.

    This whole rant is just to tell y'all of my first day, AND to let you all know that I will soon be logging WHITE FLOOD by Controlled Labs, and I'll be using this GVT. So, be on the lookout and I'll let you guys know how this training style is going. WHOO!!!!!



  2. Ric Flair, Babay!

  3. ok, another GVT day today was leg day. and i again, used 45% of my max. will surely bump up to 50% next week. here's what i did:

    leg press 10x10x270
    deadlift 10x10x185

    leg raises 4x15
    calf raises 3x20x120

    i moved about 60000 lbs. today in 30 minutes. you CANNOT beat that with a stick. movin' weight! and most impotantly, my form is beyond textbook. i'm sticking with this for the six weeks. and then i'm gonna move on to the 10x5 routines. i know you can do the 10x6, but i'm gonna move straight to the 10x5 and do that for about a month. and from there, who knows. probably back to the 10x10. it's good shlt!

  4. Nice work man, loving the intensity! That's what its all about.

  5. Great job! I just started this program this week as well.

    It is funny small world right I just finished legs/abs yesterday
    Did leg press and weighted decline situps. 10x10
    Day before that was Chest/Back day with Incline DB press and pull ups That had my chest pounding!

    I could hardly pick my leg up haha. I wanted to do squats but the ship was rocking a little to much for safety I bet that will tear me up!

    Seems like a great program as long as you stress REST.

    I agree with you 100% on form and the lower weight for me means a good solid 7sets of great form the last few are harder but not so much so that you have to cheat.

  6. what happened to p90x

  7. Quote Originally Posted by Rugger View Post
    what happened to p90x
    i've been off that for more than a minute, m'man. i'd done about two and half months of my own splits and then about six weeks of westside variation. so it's been damn near four months since i've been near that program.

    never COULD complete it. i would always get burnt out halfway through. i think that you have to be in a certain mindset for that. i had been used to going within a couple reps of failure. well, with p90x, you can bet your butt that you will, in the end, fail, if you work that hard. i just couldn't find the right intensity with that program. i'd end up frying myself out within 5 weeks. tried it about three times. then again, i grant that i did it with a caloric deficit. i think you really need MAD calories for that program. i mean, like 1000 over maintenance. but if i'm gonna bulk, i'm not gonna be trying to do it that way. all in all, rugger, i just couldn't find the right balance with that program. i may give it a go again someday. but not today. you'd have to try it to understand. you smell what i'm shettin'?

  8. holy goodness, just finished my first week of GVT with arms/shoulders. did, again, 45% of my max:

    close grip bench 10x10x100
    preacher hammerbar curls 10x10x50

    bent over dumbell lateral raises 3x12x12
    dumbell lateral raises 3x12x20

    KILLED. i made it through everything. but man, the very last set of curls and ALL of the lateral raises were almost too much. my shoulders were pre-fatigued a bit from them close grips. just the amount of reps did it, i reckon. anywho, i am LOVING this.

    look for my log next week on White Flood and GVT.

  9. Happy to hear it is wroking out so well for you. I started breaking myself into this program this week. Next week I plan on fully using it. It is a bit stressful but with a good amount of sleep and not lettign your ego add more weight then you can do I see this program working extremly well for building some good strong mass!

  10. Quote Originally Posted by striking View Post
    Happy to hear it is wroking out so well for you. I started breaking myself into this program this week. Next week I plan on fully using it. It is a bit stressful but with a good amount of sleep and not lettign your ego add more weight then you can do I see this program working extremly well for building some good strong mass!
    i see you're doing a recreate/cla log from your signature. i sure as heck hope you're not in a caloric deficit while doing this program. i made that mistake with a similar program before. it does NOT work out. you'll fry out. hopefully your just using them supps for a "lean bulk."

  11. Haha I hear ya!

    No actually I just finished up a cut getting down to 10% B/F before starting a lean bulk. Finished my bottle of ReCreate today pretty impressive results overall now I will start my lean bulk with GVT a nice solid shock to the system and should net great gains no lack of calories for me


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