Problems with calves cramping during cardio.. HELP!!

  1. Problems with calves cramping during cardio.. HELP!!

    I am currently a police officer trying to get back in shape to get a new job with a different agency. This roughly translates into me dropping wait and being able to pass a physical fitness test. I am currently on a very strict diet and for the last month have cut almost 16 pounds and am starting to notice development in my arms and abs. However after my workout (i.e. Back/Bicep) I usually try to squeeze in about 20-30 minutes of higher intensity cardio to help shred the extra weight I need to lose. I am no expert on stretching but I definitely make sure I spend between 15-20 minutes stretching before the running.

    I am taking l-glutamine before the workouts, also NO-Shotgun. After the workouts whey protein shake, more l-glutamine and then CLA-Tonalin with every meal.

    Diet is as follows:

    Oatmeal and Protein shake w/usually 2 egg whites.


    Turkey w/wheat bread (or tuna) and salad.

    Pre workout NO Shotgun V3.
    Post workout protein shake.

    Chicken, fish or turkey. Small salad.


    Men's One A Day, B-12, CLA Max, Vit. C, Fish Oil, L-Glutamine, Whey Protein, NO-Shotgun V3.

    I need any help I can get trying to get rid of these cramps during my workout or any other pointers I can continue to shred some weight. Starting this week I'm going to add morning cardio (low intesity 30 mins) to try to tweak with the metabolism on my off days with my legs. Thanks in advance for any help along the way. This place has been a big help!!

  2. When I was taking a Pre WO supp that was suppose to be an NO product/Creatine mix I noticed I got really bad leg cramps.

    It was to the poitn where I could eaily do my whole workout but if I took it on days I went to run my calves got pumps in them so bad I couldn't run.

    In otherwords the NO product did just what it said it was going to and gave me a great overall body pump but sadly outside of the muscles I used in exercise it was not good haha.

    I would suggest two things to offset this both helped for me.

    1. A bannana prior to workout seemed to help with the cramps.

    2. I just didn't take the NO product on days I was goign to run.

    Not saying it is the end all and that is for sure what the problem is but from my exp. this is what has casued the EXACT thing your talking about. Can't tell you how many times I had to stop running till I figured this one out.

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  4. i get em when i do the 25+ degree incline treadmill. it seems to be the nature of the beast. congratulations on losing weight! feels good, doesn't it? keep up the good work. sorry i couldn't be more helpful

  5. I would drop the NO product on running days. That is probably the culprit. On days when you are planning on running take a few grams of taurine, drink water, and throw down a banana. Weight loss wise I think you are on the right track if you've lost 16lbs, congrats. The only suggestion I can make to you is to try changing up your cardio to keep your body on its toes. Running is great but I find that I need other forms of cardio to take me to that next level. One day I will run a few miles than another day Ill do sprints (100, 200, 400 meter type). Make sure you warm up, stretch, and drink lots of water if you havent sprinted in a while. You don't want to pull anything close to your test. Also I always find boxing is awsome cardio. Get a bag, some wraps n gloves, and a timer and have at it. Good luck.



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