any one have this problem??

  1. any one have this problem??

    i can build muscle on my chest AMAZINGLY a matter of fact it is a problem! my chest tightened soo fast that my back (scapulas) stick out! how ever i can build muscle ANYWHERE else NEARLY as fast
    but does any one else have this problem?

  2. To be honest I wish I had this problem

    Just have to keep trying to training all the body parts hard. Most people have at least one body part that exceeds with their training and other that lag.

    One thing I have found important is to watch how you train vice resutls you get
    IE: if you do chest at x reps for x sets and have amazing gains you might think O well I can apply this to all my lifts which in most cases is not true.
    Once you find that range that works best for you I truely believe all mucles can grow at least in terms of realative strength at nearly the same rate.

  3. yaho your right........i just wish my back and shoulders would grow like my looks kinda funny when i look at my self sideways in the mirror lol

  4. <--- triceps grow like weeds. everything else takes forever.

    you doing heavy deads and chins/pullups for back?

  5. yah, and bent over rows and one arm dumbbell rows and upright rows.......i am doing a 5x5 program i found on until i find a better one lol i can send you a lnk and you can tell me if it is worthy of use lol



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