am or pm to lift weights

  1. am or pm to lift weights

    What time of the day do most of you workout. Is it better to workout in the AM or PM? I'm talking either 5am or 7pm. ??? suggestions?

  2. I personally onlift weights in the PM or at least after noon. But you can lift at either time, I think its something you get used to. Whatever works for u

  3. Really does depend on the person, some people are stonger in the afternoon, others in the evening. Other factors contribute to when people workout also, such as work schedule, gym crowding. It's largely individual, the point is you do it, doesn't really matter when!!!
    Think training's hard,. try losing!

  4. Working out at 7pm you'll be hitting the back end of peak gym time.

    At 5am i'm barely able to lift my head up from the pillow, let alone do any weights.

    If these are you're only two options i'd say 7pm. If you can delay it by like 30 minutes or an hour then even better.

  5. Personally, I like to work out during the afternoon or early evening. But really, it just depends on the person. Ideally you'd want to workout whenever you have the most energy during the day. Sometimes we have to work around schedules though, so you'll have to somehow find the time when you're free, and have the most energy.

    If you train smart, diet smart, and rest smart, you'll see results no matter what time of day you train. Good luck my brotha!

  6. Doesn't really matter, I personally workout late evening time... but that's not a matter of preference rather than that's the only time it'll fit in my schedule. If I had a choice it'd be morning so that I can feel good the rest of the day and jump start my body (don't know if it really does that, but it seems like it would).

  7. Since I have been lifting I have had to do both early morning (5-6am and evening times of 5-7pm

    Only real differance I have seen is kind of two fold.
    If i worked out in the morning is kind of helped get the juices flowing and set me up for an awake day but I felt some lifts suffered because i was still waking up.

    Lifting in the afternoon for me has the added benefit that once I am done and showered up I can eat the last meal of the day and head to bed! after a grulling workout I have never slept better.

    SO in short lifitng in the morning woke me up lifting in the evening put me to sleep haha.

    Overall the lifts where exactly the same but like I said if your not a morning person YICK!

  8. It doesn't make a huge difference when you lift. You should do whats convenient to your life. But there are some things to consider.

    AM lifting-Great way to kick start your metabolism.

    PM lifting-The endorphins can make it difficult to sleep.

  9. i think they summed it up eather time is fine whatever you are used to. although i prefer an evening workout.


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