Anyone wanna give me a good workout plan?

  1. Anyone wanna give me a good workout plan?

    Yeah im new to heavy workouts...noobie i know...but i need a good arm, leg, back workout plan

  2. Give us an idea of your previous training experience. Bill Starr's 5x5 is a good one, or perhaps German Volume Training.

  3. well it use to be just 4 set of 6 during football at 80 percent weight. but that was the only thing we did the whole year

  4. sigh.. i'll post the same workout i did half an hour ago.

    deadlift 4x10
    bench press 4x10
    squats 4x10
    clean and press 4x10 (or military press)
    chin ups 4x10
    dips 4x10

    thats the workout. do it once every 5 days for 15 days, once every 4 days for 12 days, once very 3 days for 9 days, then do it every other day. at your height and weight, compound moves are the best to add size to you.

    supps = creatine mono, whey protein, carbs. if you eat right you should get 20 pounds of muscle this year from this workout, or a variation of.

    just keep upping the weight every 3-4 workouts by 5 lbs - the 2.5 pound plates per side of the barbell. if you drop down to 6 reps when you add weight, just work on getting back up to 10 reps and start the process over.

    maybe resolve would be kind enough to post his total body workout for us. his is equally good or better (he gained more off his than i got off mine).

  5. Penn State's powerlifting team uses the Sheiko training program. High intensity, high endurance training. Each workout is about 1.5-2 hours.

    Message me if your interested in the program. It blew my bench through the roof close to 100 lbs gain in 3 months, no ph's or cycles either



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