Shoulder/Bicep/Elbow Pain

  1. Shoulder/Bicep/Elbow Pain

    At first i thought i had a torn rotator cuff but am not sure if this is the case anymore. The pain is most pronounced in the bicep area, starts about where the very bottom of the shoulder is, runs down my bicep and back around to my elbow, hurts up my forearm when i squeeze my fist together but mostly in the elbow.

    The pain actually hurts in the front of my shoulder if i try to bench, and hurts up the bicep and into the shoulder if i try to do straight bar curls. I am no longer lifting at this point, but wondered if anyone else has ever had this same problem and if they had an MRI done or just avoided exercises that would aggravate the pain?

    Is this something that maybe a cycle of Deca would help or possibly just mask the root of the problem? Possibly a shot of cortizone? Any suggestions and thoughts are greatly appreciated!

  2. Nerve impingement and/or bicipital tendonitis is what it sounds like. I had it for years, with not much in the way of treatment options.

    Do a lot of range of motion exercises and keep the weight down. Also concentrate on absolutely STRICT form.
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  3. Thanks for the reply! Been finding out that there is not alot of treatment available for tendonitis, been doing some deep tissue muscle massage sessions and the shoulder always feels wonderful a day or two later.

  4. bicipital tendinitis is what it is, headed home to ice and heat, will take the next few days off to ice and heat then head back to the rehab gym for some stretching exercises, would taking some deca or light dose of anavar help with the pain and strengthening of the muscle?

    Any thoughts on dosage rates for naproxim or ibuprofen for inflammation?

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