elbow pain injury help pushing exercises!

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    elbow pain injury help pushing exercises!

    hey guys i need help for the last 2 month i have had elbow soreness when i do shoulders, chest, tris.. I do not know what it is but i tried taking 3 days off and it did nothing.. I have put icy hot on and tylenol but nothing seems to work.. My left elbow cna get sore when i do these exercises what is it?

  2. Off the top of my head I can only think of a few things.

    Are you prone to any joint pain in otherwords does it occur outside of the gym?

    If not I would suspect that you "may" be putting undue pressure on that joint. It could be as simple as having to adjust your elbow position when you lift.

    If yes, then it could be some form of tendon or lubricating sac problem. A trip to an ortho will clear that up for you.

  3. where does your elbow get sore? if its the inside of the elbow on either side of of the joint in can be a slight tear or strain on the tendon. I had this injury and had very similar problems, when i did dumbbell presses once i passed parallel i felt a pain. They sell like tendonitis bands, that look like the letter c and strap around your arm infront of elbow on fore arm. I have used this with great success, best of luck.

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