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  1. mma training

    im 17 and im trying to get into mma and im wondering what kind of workout i should be doing. i have a lot of equipment in m basement that i use but i dont really know what i should be doing. i have a tuff stuff gym, a treadmill, a bike, a heavy bag, and a bunch of other stuff. i know i still need to go to a gym and train in boxing and all that but im just wondering what type of lifting and such i should be doing. im 5'11' 177lbs looking to get to about 185.

    also, i dont know much about like how many reps or sets or any of that i should be doing for each exercise so any help there would be appreciated.

  2. hello, while i am not a fighter(at least not the type that gets paid to fight) i feel that as far as strength training goes, the "functional" stuff is best for fighters.look who the strongest guys are,farm boys,construction workers and those boys from the midwest"football" states. i would do heavy sandbags,kegs,medicine balls,all squat and deadlift variations. try to be explosive on these moves. oh and dont neglect your chin ups.check rosstraining,or dragondoor for some cool info

  3. As having experience in training jiu jitsu, and a couple amatuer fights, I would not try to get bigger, as at your height, 170 would be a good fit for a fighting weight, there are even some lightweights taller than you.

    Training for strength on this is pretty complex, a lot of circuits for endurance for instance:

    after warming up

    Heavybag: 1 min working on hand combos with small grappling gloves and wraps

    Medicine Ball: 1 min throw against wall, sprawl, pick up and repeat

    Rope: 1 Min rope climb up and down as many times as possible (mind you most of these are 20ft high)

    Crunches: 1 Min straight, as many as possible

    Unweighted Squats: 1 Min straight as many as possible

    rest 60 seconds and repeat 2 times

    its not an easy thing to get use to, but there are so many different types of training its ridiculous. I wish you the best though. My best advice would be to join a martial arts gym that specifies in one style (Muay Thai, Boxing, BJJ/submission wrestling) and work from there.

  4. Keep with more of the power movements, since you want to get stronger but continue to do MMA. When i boxed/kickboxed, and started muay thai, i simly changed my more "bodybuilding" influenced routine at the time into more of a basic routine using more power lifts like cleans, deads, the obvious being bench and squats. I did this til i got out of MMA (mma training + cardio obviously conflicted against extreme mass gains.) It worked great for me as i got stronger, stayed lean and fast,.... but dont expect "extreme" gains in actual strength/mass, as your conditioning and cardio for the mma training will interfere with it.

  5. I used to wrestle. I feel it depends on how often you’re fighting. If you have some time off bulk for a little to get your size and strength back up. if you’re training for the fight in the next month switched it to endurance. Other wise keep strength up. Do plenty of Power lifts. (cleans, snatch, clean pulls, push press, etc). you also need squats, bench is not necessary...just looks plenty of back, back, and more back. Shoulders and grip are also important. also I suggest neck work outs. When you lock up and/or are on the ground the neck takes a lot of pounding.

  6. I would say anything that works on explosive strength and endurance is your best bet. That, and sparring as much as possible.


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