Need assistance with work out goals.

  1. Need assistance with work out goals.

    Over this last summer I joined this forum and have since learned a ton on how to work out properly. I did my first real work out switch up when I did a clean bulk diet and 5x5 work out for a bout 7weeks. (i know a little to long). I then switched back to 10x3 with almost the same diet, very clean. I ended up loosing about 5pds which looked like fat to me so I was excited, and I did seem to gain strength over the 5x5 workout (moved to about 255 5x flat bench, before I only saw 225 6x). but going back to the 10x3 im pretty much at the same strength 225x8.. Ive been on this routine for about 4-5 weeks.

    How often should i switch my work out from cut to bulk?

    How often should i change my excercise within those cuts and bulks? (ex. from flat bench to dun bell flat bench)

    and please any other help on what I can do... I need strength and size naturally so i dont have to hop on that J like all my idiot friends.. at least not yet.

    hes a pic to help judge and guide.. critique please I need it badly!
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  2. To add any substantial amount of mass, I prefer to bulk for about 6 months. I bulk clean, doing cardio everyday and avoiding fat gain as much as possible.

    That being said, my preference is to change up workout routines every month. Yes, you can go longer on any one workout, but I find one month to be just about perfect for me in terms of adaptation.

    When you say you're going back to 10x3, do you mean 3sets of 10, or 10sets of 3? I'm presuming the former, as I've only ever seen fairly progressed lifters attempt cumulative fatigue with such a high rep weight as 10x3 necessitates.

    Edit: if you want to pack on size and strength quick, focus on the big lifts: DEADLIFTS!!!! Squats, Military, Rows, bench, pullups, clean and presses. Do a few of them every workout, and go either with an upper/lower split, push/pull split or full body workouts. They will give you the best bang for your buck as a beginner.
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  3. yeah sorry 3 sets of 10.

  4. 3sets of 10 is fine, but definitely try to mix it up. Going back and forth from 5x5 to 3x10 is an ok start, but I'd reccommend a few other rep schemes in there too: try 4x12 for a month, then go 7x4, or 2x15, or whatever, research it and find something that looks cool to you. The changes will keep the gains coming.
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  5. awesome help!, now that I will be tracking my workouts this will be much easier..

    how long should I rest my muscle before working them out again?

  6. that really depends upon your recovery capacity and the workout you choose. For most people, about twice a week is standard per bodypart, or twice every 5 days. That is why I suggested either an upper/lower or push/pull split or total body workouts.

    I favor full body workouts personally, 3-4times per week, but for a beginner, there is no way I'd suggest total body 4 times in 7 days. If you do choose full body, 3 per week is still awesome (my first bulk I gained like 40lbs lean with full body routines, a good diet and proper supplements).

    If you choose a split, you work each part less frequently, so it typically is worked for higher volume: i.e. doing several lifts for each part. Most lifters favor splits cuz they can then focus on the parts they are working and really pound them. And because, honestly, they're somewhat easier than total body. But that doesn't make a viable option for gaining some great size.
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