morning workout

  1. morning workout

    Any one workout in the morning? I usually workout after I eat breakfest recently and before I use to work out afternoon when I got off work, but now I have work and school later in the day so mornings are the best. I dont feel like I will get the best workout on an empty stomache, any one take anything in the morning? Pre workout supp, shake I guess? Something that is quik so I dont have to wait an hour after I eat and let it digest. Thanks!

  2. working out in the morning was really hard for me. it was really hard for me to get motivated, wake up, etc, much less get in a meal. this is what i did (for the two weeks i trained in the morning). i got my blender, and mixed a cup of whole milk with 1 scoop of whey and splenda. i mixed that into my coffee on the way to the gym - woke me up, gave me some protein, better than nothing. kinda worked i guess, but i feel stronger in the afternoon, so i switched back.

  3. yea thats what i was thinking.. thanks

  4. one serving of whey protein, 10 oz. whole milk, ground up oatmeal 1/2 cup (take a coffee bean grinder and grind the oats) put into a shaker bottle. for an alternative, i will eat 11 or 2 whole grain waffles w/super free syrup, just a little though. if i'm doing something like squats, i will eat the waffles, better to have something solid in my stomach vs. liquid, you know? then after my morning w/o (at 4:AM) i will already have a large b-fast in my cooler and eat it on the way to work or when i get there.....

  5. cool thanks, i wish i could drink milk :/

  6. use big deal, that's what you would use with oats anyway.

  7. yea i know im just saying, i like milk and its loaded with protein i wish i could drink it but my stomache hurts all day after i drink some.

  8. I've heard that working out in the morning is the best time because that way you have all day to feed your muscles, instead of only a few hours. Personally I am the opposite of a morning person, but even when I feel like crap after getting out of bed, (and for several hours after) I seem to have more energy if I lift early during the day. My perfect breakfast consists of 4 eggs (3 whites), two pieces of whole wheat bread, coffee and milk.

  9. worse case scenario...grab some whey and a light carb that doesnt make you feel bloated, and then get your post workout nutrition in. I wouldnt work out on an empty stomach though.


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