Football workout help!!

  1. Football workout help!!

    Hey guys im getting ready to go visit a few colleges in the spring and i wanna be in top shape. I would love advice on how to improve my forty times and overall power withouth adding so much weight that i actually lose speed. Thanks in advice!!

  2. if you want power you have to incorporate power lifts(power cleans, snatch, push press, power/jump squats etc. . .) add in some plyometrics and u should see some considerable improvement if you havnt been doing these already

  3. ^ x2 + clean and press

    HBS6 might be the guy to PM about this if he doesn't respond in this thread - more his area of specialty than mine.

    overall 40 time? that sounds like my evil arch enemy - cardio.

  4. hey bro i play college ball to, where ya looking? what postition do you play? As for getting the 40 down, just keep running sprints front sqauting and cleaning. Try hang cleaning isntead of power cleaning.

  5. Front squats, step ups and box jumps

  6. good advice.. keep the box squat form perfect and remember it aint an excercise u superset and niether are step ups

  7. Everything suggested so far is great stuff. Also, sled runs and farmer's walks.

    Additionally - try grabbing a sand bag, heaving it as far as you can and sprint to it. Repeat until that sand bag represents everything you loathe.
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  8. haha good advice. I bought an empty keg for ten bucks from the liqour store and filled it half way with sand. You clean it and throw it and do that for about 20 yards and then come back. The sand moving around makes ure core really work. BTW wear gloves, itll tear ure hands apart.

  9. i find that westside training works best for football players. as for 40 time, research online on proper 40 yard dash form, i got my 40 down from a 4.9 to a 4.54 just by working on my form during the sprint.

  10. what position do you play... practice explosive strength... mimic on field movements.. ie. jump squats for the reciever position

  11. i recomend lifts like Clean & Jerk (i am not talking about your dik) and thrusters. for bodyweight excersizes if you can do muscle-ups add them in.


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