Need some help developing a workout.. any suggestions?

  1. Need some help developing a workout.. any suggestions?

    Hey guys.. kinda new to the gym in respect to knowing how to set myself up on a quality workout to get the best results. I've gained about 25 pounds in the last two years mostly due to the lack of dieting and exercise. I'm currently kicking the weight week by week by dieting alone but now am ready to shred the last couple pounds by hitting the gym. I am also interested in becoming a more fit and stronger individual so I can kill two birds with one stone. I am a very goal oriented person however going to the gym with no workout or goal in mind I feel like I'm just wasting my time. If there are any suggestions that can help me as far as what groups of muscles to do what day and how to take my days off during the week. Also weights and reps that will not only make me stronger but get me back to the trimmer body I had a couple years ago. Thanks again everyone and will be back to see about the help!



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