Pain in the leg bones...

  1. Pain in the leg bones...

    I couldn't run today because I kept getting a swelling pain in my left leg, it felt like a bone bruise or something, like on the side, right below my calves...and I've gotten it in the past, hurts everytime I put weight on my legs, is it most likely from overtraining? I've only sprinted once this week and went heavy lifting on my legs about 2 days.

  2. Tib or Fib?
    Radiant pain, or constant?
    Does it feel warm to the touch?
    Any past injuries to note?
    Pain level 1-10?

  3. I'd say the tibia, it just hurts everytime I put weight on it...its kinda like a sore-welling pain, and I've had it before in my other leg, 4-5ish/10, I couldn't sprint today cause I knew it would make it worse...

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