going on vacation and just wondering....

  1. going on vacation and just wondering....

    Alright, I am pretty new to working out consistently (by which i mean I've been working out 3-4 times a week for about 3-4 months) and using creatine (been using for only about a month). In 2 weeks ill be going to Playa del Carmen, MX for a week (girlfriend's birthday, decided to take a lil extra student loans for it ). Anyways I was just curious to get a better cut look (wanna get the abs showing nice :bb would discontinuing use of the creatine help much ?(not retaining the water as much..., of course would recontinue use afterwards)

  2. if you have time try discontinueing the creatine and picking up some lvr and dcp or recreate and dcp and doing a little extra cardio

    how long do you have?

  3. leaving 2 weeks from today, October 3rd

  4. dude you diet and train for this life. One week of ****loading and enjoying yourself will not hurt. if anything itll be better mentally for you. Enjoy yourself
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  5. You can use B6 or taraxatone to drop water a few days before you go.



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