What is your favorite hypertophy/bodybuilding program?

  1. What is your favorite hypertophy/bodybuilding program?

    List your favorite!

  2. Modified Westside for Skinny Bastards

    I'm only 2 weeks into it, but I love it so far.

  3. im more of a strength guy myself but ive found Matt Reynold's DFHT to be very effective. . . . might be worth a look

  4. Anything low volume high frequency high intensity.

  5. I do the "listen to what excersises my body reacts well to and I incorporate those excersise in a routine" training. Never been injured and it has helped me tremendously with bodybuilding.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Machine Mind View Post
    Anything low volume high frequency high intensity.
    he wants hypertrophy. . . . .therefore high volume, lower intensity is what hes lookin for in a routine

  7. hypertrophy can occur at various volumes and intensities

    for instance, I prefer undulating periodization with full-body routines. hits the full gambit and keeps your body guessing. haven't hit a plateau except for when cutting at 1000cals below maintenance. by far my favorite.
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  8. 2nd the GVT. My body seems to be responding quite well to it. I think I do best with high volume, comparing my gains on GVT vs. something like 5x5.

  9. I've not yet ventured into a focused program, but am still making gains based on an intuitive pyramid mid-high rep style I just sorta grew into. I have a VERY loose goal going in surrounding a few compound exercises for my chosen split, then add in what I can to meet any goals I have (for example, forearms are a current focus so after I hit my bicep compounds I've been adding in a ton of reverse grip and carry work). I track my reps and sets (giving me an idea of endurance and strength over time), and as my body feels up to it I push those numbers every week. If I find I'm stuck (hasn't happened often), I shift in some new work and come back to it later. This way, I'm making both strength and hypertrophy gains (ht being the main goal).

    I'd really like to follow a hypertrophy specific program like DC or MaxOT or something, but just haven't gotten a comfort level on any of them yet. As long as I'm making gains with this intuitive style training, it's all good. But I do plan on shifting into something a bit more focused.

  10. The routine that gave me the biggest jump in muscle would have to be the HITT program with one extra day of rest. I used the routine straight out of Dorian Yates book "blood and guts".


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