Still can't get the right form for the FRONT squat

  1. Still can't get the right form for the FRONT squat

    This has been my biggest problem for the last few weeks is getting the right form on the front squat, especially how my hands are supposed to be gripping the barbell...

    I really dislike this form because my wrist always hurts from bending backwards or forwards and I always feel twisting pain in my shoulders after doing it like this

    right now, I'm doing it like the guy on the right, with my arms crossed but its hard as hell to keep my back straight and not hunch over because of the weight....I'd appreciate the help

  2. When you are using the crossed arm grip make sure to focus on keeping your elbows and eyes up. When you first unrack the bar pick a spot on the wall above eye level and keep your elbows and sight in line with that spot. Also if you have a pair of lifting straps like people use for deadlifting or rowing you can attach the part that would normally be around your wrist to the bar and then hold on to the strap part, which will allow you to keep the traditional hold on the movement but since you are holding the straps in a high position it will not put pressure on your wrist. The biggest thing though is just keeping the elbows high.
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  3. That "guy on the right" is the blonde bomber.

  4. I like doing my front squats with my arms crossed, like Drapper in that picture above. The whole point of front squats are to force you to have to keep your back straight. This tends to place more emphasis on the quadriceps to do more of the work during the movement.

    Like the above poster said, keep your eyes and elbows up, with the weight resting comfortably.

  5. Be sure you have the bar as close to your neck as possible without choking you. Keep your elbows up and your chin parallel to the ground. It should help you keep your back straight, it does for me anyway.

  6. i suck at front squats.
    these tips are good though....thanks.
    might have to give them another try.

  7. I used to suck at them too.. I'd try and give up real fast.. I finally just decided that I was fricking going to do them.. and FINALLY everything fell into place.

  8. when i do them, i position them on this sort of "shelf" on my shoulders. if you cross your arms, without the bar and feel your shoulder, you will feel a kind of shelf like area on it, and aim to position the bar in around this area. also make sure when you lift the weight to drive up not only with your legs but with your shoulders/elbows and look up. start of light and with practice you'll get them down. it just takes countless repetitions until your muscles grow accustomed to the motion.


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