Training When Sore

  1. Training When Sore

    I had a quick question regarding lifting when you are sore. What is the general rule about lifting when you are sore. For example if a body part is still a little bit sore from a work out from 3 days ago is it still ok to work that muscle. And what if your biceps/back are sore, is it ok to work other muscles such as chest/tri's. Hopefully that makes a little bit of sense. Thanks for any info you can provide.

  2. i wouldn't work it directly if i were you. now, if you did chest and tris a few days ago, and say your tris are a biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit sore still, you COULD go ahead and do your shoulders if you feel up to it. but i never like doing that. don't work them sore parts directly is what i'm saying.

  3. I try not to work the same muscles if i'm soore, but i usually leave enough days apart. Remember you don't always have to be sore to show your working. i murder my shoulders in the gym and they don't hurt where as my chest kills me.

    Try a good creatine for recovery. My chest recovery went from 4 days sore down to 2 and a half sometimes 2 days
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  4. Sounds good, i will have to try it. I was out of the gym for about 3 weeks and just got back in and i am pretty damn sore from it haha. But thanks for the feedback. I guess today is a recovery day!

  5. i havent gotten sore for more then 1-2 days in a long long time no matter how hard i push but knowing my self i would probably just push threw it with lighter weight and make sure it got a good stretch before and after the lifts even though its probably not good (i go to the gym even when im sick i cant stand resting)



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