calcification of tricep

  1. calcification of tricep

    i have had a tricep injury for about two months which i have been putting off. Went and got a ultrasound and x-ray turns out there is micro tears with calcification any one experienecd any thing similar ? how was it fixed ?

    i dont trust doctors

  2. calcification in my experiance is due to a large amout or constant trearing of the muscle fibre over a long period of time. in other parts of the body it can occur as a result of bad diet, diabetes and aging. you can opt for the calcifications to be remover through a muscle biopsy but i have never herd of anyone getting actually getting one. in terms of reversal from what i have read it is imposible, but again depending on the severity of your condition you may just have to be alot more carefull with what you doing.

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