Improving bench reps with 135 and bodyweight

  1. Improving bench reps with 135 and bodyweight

    Anyone have any tips on improving bench press endurance?

    Right now I can do 135x25. My bodyweight (165) is around 15, my max is 245.

    I am thinking about training this twice a week, maybe do 135x20x20x20 one day and the other day go 135 to failure. Any thoughts? I would like to do 135x40.

  2. Just to throw this out there...

    There is a programming for training up your bodyweight numbers, ie pushups, pullups, bodyweight squats, called "Greasing the Groove". It basically entails doing the movement several times a day, but never going to failure. Something such as sets of 3-5 repititions, a dozen or so times a day. Obviously this would be a problem if you train at a gym and do not have equipment at your residence.

    Although I have yet to see this programming used with weights, I don't see how it would be anything different. I'd say go for it for a week, take 2-3 days off from all push movements, and seek out the 40 rep set.

  3. Okay, I do a similar program for my pullups and I have done it in the past for dips. I got my pullups for dead hang around mid 20's when i am completely fresh and dips to around upper 20's, so it seems successful.

    I just don't have a bench in my home .

    I am transitioning from having done powerlifting in college (245 raw bench, 450 deadlift, 415 squat @165-181) to improving my overall fitness ability.
    I just finished 4 weeks of german volume training taking my close grip bench (hands about 4" apart) to 225.
    So my workouts are all high volume and I am doing heavy bag, rope climbing (without legs), running, all sorts of ****. I think it would be sweet to do 135x40, then I could probably do pushups in the upper 100's.

  4. Look into Crossfit. There isn't a program out there that beats it in developing fitness, from every angle. I think you'll like it if you are seeking true overall fitness. That's a different topic though...

    It shouldn't be that big of a deal w/o a bench at your place. Another route may be to do a moderate amount of work every time you hit the gym, such as 3 sets of 10 every time you're there for your warmup. Still not reaching failure on the regular basis, but getting that volume in there. Honestly just throwing out ideas though.

  5. I disagree with a lot of the crossfit stuff like the kipping pullups but I am doing similar conditioning.

    For example, just did 50 pushups, 10 burpee pullups, 20 chins, 110lbcurlx6, and 20 lunges as my morning workout.

    I guess Ill just experiment, try and do bench 2x a week with high volume and low weights.

  6. one arm db bench/incline presses. builds individual endurance and strength

  7. Ive changed my routine so I'm doing a lot of volume pullups, different grips each day, maybe 50 total, I did bench 135 10 sets of 10 on one day a week, which was surprisingly hard with 1 minute rests, and bodyweight dips 20 sets of 10 the other day.

    I think I can hit 135x40 by winter.


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