Im so confused!!!

  1. Im so confused!!!

    Ok so a bunch of people tell me to stick with the tried and true 3 day split. Others say that its not working out to your full potential and you should hit each group twice a week. Others say you should do a strange combination of full body workouts to build mass or something like that. There are tons of voices saying different ideas.
    What worked/works for you? and what would you personally recommend to a beginner?

  2. well what i do is work out chest alone, biceps-triceps-forearms another day, back-shoulder-traps another, and legs on another. i say it comes down to what you like best.
    whats your current workout routine? have you stopped seeing gains and thats why you want to change it? i mean if you really wanna try something new just TRY IT. just because your trying it doesnt mean you have to keep doing it. if u like it then stay with it. i also read somewhere that you shouldnt do split routines until you have been working out for a good while meaning a year or so but i dont know. hehe

  3. beginners usually do best with a full body split like the 5x5 system. this is to build overall mass, as well as get all your stabilizer muscles working properly. the 5x5 system also takes advantage of the "powerlifter 3" - squats, bench, and deadlifts, which are the three best mass builders. if you can't grow on the 5x5 its because of diet - not enough cholesterol, protein, mono fats, or just not enough calories. basically, it gets your body and diet in place to do what you're trying to get it to do.

    after a year of this, you can move on to a more traditional split. some of us can get by with training body parts twice a week, some can't. it really depends on your personal recovery time. you could also try GVT after a year, or HIIT. there's so many different ways to do this, but you can't really go wrong starting with the basics.

  4. I agree on the 5x5 routine.

    Personally I switch routines every 6 weeks to keep things fresh.

  5. What would be a good 5x5 system? Ive heard about those b4 but never found much info on them. Got any links?

  6. So would you recommend using a prefabed 5x5 like rippedtoe's, or would developing my own work too?

  7. I am of the opinion that each of your muscles has a sweet spot with regard to reps, find it, use it, then when you hit a wall in gains switch it up with something like 5x5.

    When i started working out seriously, about 14yrs old, I did:


    I still use it to this day. Sometimes switching up the order and combination, but essentially the same, 2 bodyparts per day.


  8. Rotation, rotation, rotation.
    "I am legally blind and if I can Squat,deadlift and over all get myself to the gym then anyone can get their a$$ in gear and get strong!!" - malleus25

  9. silent bob is right. there is no routine that works forever. id start with the 5x5, work hard at it(dont overtrain) until the gains quit coming, then move on.are your goals BB, strength/power or.....?

  10. My goals are strengths and size. but im still just starting so i need basics first.
    On a 5x5, do you only do one set per muscle group?

  11. 5x5 is Squats MWF, Bench MF, Bent over rows MF, and Deads and Standing military W.
    Depends which version of the 5x5 you are doing. One calls for 5 total sets where you gradually increase the weight(essentially warm up) to where your fifth set you are pushing out your 5 rep max. The other one I believe is 5 sets of your 5 rep max. It's based on constant progression from week to week. Go to and there are more details. You can also download an excel spreadsheet that will calculate all 5 sets if you just put in your 5 rep max on each lift. It also gives a general outline of how much you should be increasing weight and how fast...I'm going to be starting the 5x5 very shortly. PM me if you have questions on it. Oh yeah, and I'm doing the one with only one true working set of my 5 rep max.


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