Lower chest exercise

  1. Lower chest exercise

    I need to get rid of some fat around the outer/lower chest area and put a little muscle too. I have been doin decline smith machine bench but it seems to me that it is getting the middle and inner lower area. Is there any thing I can do?

  2. You need to focus on a good diet to lower your body fat around the chest area. Doing exercises for the lower chest is not going to help you here, it will only make your chest appear fatter if you put more muscle on your lower chest. The lower chest muscles are very small compared to your entire chest and I wouldn't try to train it extensively. But an exercise that I would highly recommend over decline smith bench are weighted dips.

  3. so i dont want to workout my lower chest, at all?

  4. The genetic make-up of your chest muscle proportions cannot be altered but your bodyfat can. Work on lowering body fat and work on a balanced chest development as best as you can.

  5. No, you can certainly work out your lower chest. I meant that working lower chest is not going to help make your chest appear less flabby. I was also trying to say that you shouldn't focus on lower chest as the main component of your chest routine. For instance, I would hit flat bench, incline bench, db bench, and then do some weighted dips at the end to finish it off. It's still okay to do some lower chest work for sure, and weighted dips are a great mass builder in their own right.

  6. got it, my chest workout is to the T from what you said. The lower chest is the last thing i do.

  7. it's definitely something that takes better shape at lower bodyfats. i rarely ever do anything for lower chest, but once in the 9-10% range, it has a good shape...


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