How is my workout routine?

  1. How is my workout routine?

    Please give me your opinions and suggestions.

    i found this on's workout data base. What do all of you think??

  2. its not bad. i am left with a question though.

    if biceps are a smaller muscle than triceps, and all the "maximum weight" workouts are given a 4th set - barbell curls, squats, military press, and bench, why is there no 4th set of dips. also, no deadlifts for back day.

  3. You're working anterior delts 3 times a week. that's a no no. you're killing anterior delts on chest day, then tricep day, then throwing it in on back day. upper crossed syndrome or what? Also the workout itself is a little overkill all together. you dont need 5 or six different exercises. You should see fine results with 3-4 exercises and that's for chest. I say 3-4 exercises for chest, back, and legs. 2-3 for bi's and tri's, and shoulders.

  4. ok thanks for the replys, is the a workout you guys recommend?

  5. your workout? what are you talking about? well i'll get back to you over the weekend those are your rest days anyways but i'm goin out. peace

  6. um... is 15 your real age? have your growth plates closed yet? are you sure about this? what body type are you. how tall are you? how much do you weigh. what would you like out of a program - strength, size, or loosing weight? answer these questions and i'm sure someone can help you design a routine.

    if size and strength is what you're after (which it usually is) and your growth plates have closed, and you haven't lifted that much, start a new thread titled "whats the best 5x5 program out there?" then ask any posters to explain why its the best. there's a few of them, riptoe, billy starr, etc. its probably the best for you if size and strength and being new to the gym sounds like you. i honestly don't know the difference between the 5x5 workouts, but i do know its the best way to get to where you want to be and its highly recommended for most beginners.

    once you see the program, you'll say "that's it?" but trust me, yes, its the best, and anyone on this forum will agree that it works.

  7. ok i will do that. I have been lifting for about one year.

  8. ok well i have been researching and it looks like the rippetoe would be the best for me.

  9. alright. prepare to grow.


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