Big Weightloss CORE Snapback Help..PLEASE!

  1. Big Weightloss CORE Snapback Help..PLEASE!

    I could really kick myself, and I am ashamed and emberassed to admit it, but I have'nt always been the most healthy individual. It's only been the past several years that I have REALLY gotten in to nutrition, healthy living, and working out. It has been a work in progress, a long transformation process, but it has been an awesome experience. All in all, I lost around 75lbs. I have gained a small amount back, but that has been mostly due to the fact that I have been pushing myself hard lifting and trying to build as much muscle as possible. Weight training and a healthy lifestyle has become a part of my life. What really stinks is I gain all my weight so disproportionatley in my abdomen, I had puny arms and legs.

    The hardest part though is my *CORE*. I realize, that I will probably never have an amazing 6pack, but Id like to get as close as possible. In a few weeks I plan on going on a cut to get rid of the last bits of stubborn fat in my midsection, and hope to snap back as much as possible.

    I really hope I can get some feedback and assistance in setting up an awesome core blasting routine during my cut to tighten up as much as possible.

    Thank you guys so much in advance!

  2. Full body is the way to go IMO if you're going for fat-loss man. Check this article out, it's got a great outline for a full-body routine, and of course you can customize to your goals and such.

  3. Oh, I do full body now... big in to lifting, its just my abs are lacking, and Id like to add a whole ab routine to my current workout program.

  4. Got ya man. I figured you already lifted, just didn't know if you did full body or split or what.

    Can't help too terribly much on the ab thing, but I will say that swiss ball crunches rock.

  5. Maybe I was incorrect. I guess I dont do full body, but I do a split. Back/tri's, bi's/shoulders, chest, legs...I usually squeeze in crunches with legs, but Id like to maybe just add an all abs/cardio day.



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