Hey my fellow gym junkies just wondren about my new split can you give me some feed back.

    Monday:Abs + Chest

    Tuesday:Obliques + Back

    Wednesday:Legs + Neck

    Thursday:Abs + Arms

    Friday:Obliques + Shoulders + Traps

    Sat: off

    Sun: off

    10 mins Cardio before each workout
    15 mins Cardio after each workout



    Any feed back from you guys would be great cause you guys r da experts aight lataz

  2. not bad if you're in a wheelchair. seriously, where's the legs?

  3. I dont know bud I would go with a more of a training movements program that a body part program but that is just me...God some people are going to go nuts on me I have posted similar advice around here and some are gonna hate me lol.

  4. my dad is big on movements over working one body part. honestly it depends on what he wants. individual body parts are great for isolation work and bringing up lagging parts. compound moves are better for overall mass and functional strength. movements is really a way of preventing injuries, while limiting the mass you put on - great if you're an athlete that doesn't need more size.

  5. I dont know the athletes i work with (division 1 football) grow pretty damn good on movements. And so do most of the powerlifters I know. BUt your are right, isolation work can bring up lagging body parts. BUt I dont think it should be even close to the bulk of a program. Large compound movements will get you big while isolation work for bodyparts are great for filling in the gaps.

  6. my dad used to run a 5-10k before breakfast, and would play either lacrosse or hockey in the afternoon. movements are great for overall fitness, but to bulk on them means your diet has to be pretty damned good. its also possible that his movement routine is quite different than what you are used to. or maybe its your routine that is quite different than what i am used to.... cheers brotha.

  7. OK..what i mean when i say movements, i mean like horizontal press, vertical pull, vertical push, ect. I dont mean like cross training or doing tons of cardio. Movement training is pretty much how powerlifters/athletes/some bodybuilders train. And tell you what, set it up right and it works wonders...

  8. THis is taken from a tony gentilcore article. He is a trainer at cressey performance, and facility that trains athletes and physique oriented people. But he trains them almost the same way. THis is the exampel he uses...

    Just scroll to the bottom of the article if you dont want to read it.

  9. will check it out and thanks! knowledge is power.


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