Need some advice for winter bulk

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  1. yes. strength you can use outside the gym - whether its cutting down a tree, picking up furniture, tackling someone who's stolen someone's purse. functional strength to me means having strength for things unrelated to a bicep exercise. using your muscles in harmony. seals training. that kinda stuff.

    yes, i love bodybuilding. yes i want to get bigger. i started this at just under 130 lbs, now being at 180 flat, so much progress has been made. but i want to be able to use my muscles for other things not gym related. its great being bigger and all, but if i can't use those muscles together, there's really no point to it.

    and again, yes, i do 4-5 sets of 10 for each of those movements. i'm curious as to your input on this, since you seem to be a huge supporter of olympic / powerlifting moves. any advice for better compound moves would be good.

    i have done workout 1 listed above for a while, and had great results in regards to functional strength. now i'm looking to get back into doing them, but running three different workouts instead of the same one over and over. maybe adding a 4th workout that focuses on higher sets, less reps like that article you posted earlier. i'd like to increase strength, as well as increase my overall testosterone. what tweaks would you make?

  2. Well, i am not sure how you measure a rise in functional strength unless core lifts like deads and squats have gone up along with unilateral work (because one leg strength is very different from being able to use both legs) but assuming this has happened then i would personally make just a few tweaks. First off, for your goals, if it aint broke dont fix it. BUt in any case here you are with some advice.

    I have done programs like you are doing, i have done DC, i have bulked up to around 220 with nothing hormonal when all i cared about was getting big. Huge mistake considering i used DC for college sport preparation and all it did was make me a very large, muscular...slow person, lol. But you live and you learn. I was 220 but wasnt strong at all for that weight.

    So I learned. Then when I was done in college sports I got into MMA which has weight classes as i am sure you know so I had to cut weight and stay strong, so I dont really care about size anymore. Iwant to sit around 190 like I am and get strong and as explosive as ****. The funny thing is, when I started training like an athlete i got leaner, more muscular and could actually move. BUt because of diet I stay where I am at by simply slowly dropping fat and putting on muscle. This is why I believe whatever your goals are you are much better off training old soviet style which means pretty much full body splits throughout the week with different emphasis. THis will create optimal hormone output. Bodypart training became popular right around... when steroids became popular. Weird.

    So what would I tell you to do?

    Train to get stronger like a powerlifter, but then add in hypertrophy type training after you get your main lift out of the way. Get the best of both worlds while not putting an artificial ceiling on your CNS but not working on absolute strength. So for you...this is so hypothetical and just a very broad template...

    Would be good to do a version of this-
    TESTOSTERONE NATION - Westside for Skinny Bastards

    Not saying follow a cookie cutter but this style of ME upper, lower, and volume works great for people who havent done any kind of heavy program before.

    But the key is, manipulate volume.

    wk1- maybe 5 heavy sets for your main lift
    wk2 maybe 4
    wk3 maybe 6-10
    wk3 2-3 for a deload

    This is how eric cressey manipulates volume and he is very successful with himself and his athletes. Try this or ask questions but you are very receptive and I hope this all made sense, i am on my way to work so i typed it so fast there are probly tons of errors.

  3. awesome - thanks for the advice. will definately read that article. thanks again!

  4. you are welcome!

  5. Hey man, looks to me you are over-planning and over-thinking stuff. Just do this routine, you'll get bulky;

    Weighted Pullups / B.W.
    DB Incline Bench
    Barbell Row
    Arnold Presses

    BB Flat Bench
    Weighted Dips / B.W.
    Cable Rows
    Hang Clean & Press

    Squats or Front Squats
    Leg Press
    Lunges, step ups, etc.
    Any kind of Calf Raises

    Flat / Incline Bench DB or BB
    Incline Flyes
    DB Pullovers
    DB / BB Military Press
    Incline Dumbell Curls
    Any Tricep Exercise

    Dude, do this take it from me, i have been doing this type of routine for the past couple of years and i keep getting stronger and bulkier. You can of course customize it to your liking.

    Good Luck Bro!

  6. I only have 3 days to lift, and I am not a fan of whole body days for bulking. For recomping and cutting, yes.

  7. 3 days.....then i'd go with 3 DAY full body. full body is GREAT for bulking, are you serious?!

  8. i'll gladly give you my three day total body workout. if you can't gain off it, you're probably screwed.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by meatNcreatine View Post
    3 days.....then i'd go with 3 DAY full body. full body is GREAT for bulking, are you serious?!
    No, I'm not serious. I waste my time on the internet being a jackass for fun.

  10. Quote Originally Posted by suncloud View Post
    i'll gladly give you my three day total body workout. if you can't gain off it, you're probably screwed.
    I never said I couldn't gain off of it. I just said it wasn't my cup of tea. Sure, let me see it, maybe I can throw it in every once in a while to spice things up.

  11. WORKOUT # 1
    Squats (ATG)
    Pull ups (close, med, wide, med)
    Deadlift to shrug (belt)
    Military Press
    Push Ups (25 reps / set)
    Floor Wiper
    Rear Delt Flyes
    Cable Upright Rows

    WORKOUT # 2
    Bench Press
    Clean and Press
    Sumo Deadlift to shrug
    Overhead Squat
    V - Grip Pullup
    Blasters (rear tricep)
    Donkey Calf Raises

    WORKOUT # 3
    Incline Bench Press
    Floor wipers - look them up on youtube
    Chin Ups (close, med, wide, med)
    Upright Row (EZ bar)
    The Sled
    Bent Over Rows
    Seated Neck Harness

    4 sets of 10 for first 6 exercises, 2 sets of 10 with the last two. once you get up to 10 reps, add 2.5 pounds per side and do 4 sets of 6 reps. build up reps from there till you hit 10 reps, rinse, repeat.


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