Will Deadlifts Help With Poor Posture?

  1. Will Deadlifts Help With Poor Posture?

    Not sure if this is the right section.

    I had read somewhere that doing rows would help with poor shoulder posture and fixing alignment of the rotator cuffs of your shoulders. Probably butchering the explanation and word usage here.

    But yeah, I can do deadlifts at home with my bar which would make things a lot more convenient.

    I know it'll help with legs, abs, and overall increased GH being released by the body, but will it help fix my bad shoulder posture or would it just make it worse?

    Spent too much damn time hunched over in front of computers at home and when I was working.

  2. They might be part of a regiment to obtain better posture.

    A better idea would be to consciously readjust your posture when you're sitting in front of a computer or TV. There is also a type of yoga/pilates called Body Rolling, which I've seen help a lot of people with posture, but it's not a quick fix.

  3. like was stated, just work on it consciously throughout the day. some good middle back exercises might help straighten/pull it back some though...

  4. Deadlifts seem to help me a bit (got kyphosis). But then I only use a moderate weight and very strict form, concentrating on a very slow and controlled movement (3 seconds up, 3 seconds down), with shoulders back. I can't risk making the problem worse. I usually finish off back day with this exercise.

    Also bad posture can be caused by short ligaments... have you seen a physio? they might be able to recommend some stretches.

    Good luck

  5. I wish, I'm a fulltime student now so no insurance to see doctors.

    Wish I had done more stuff when I did have insurance.

  6. when u do shoulder shrugs.. look up, back straight..

    thats why its good to keep good posture while performing all exercises.

  7. with proper form yes but if you dont do them rite they could hurt it more

  8. hyperextensions are better for posture in my experience because you can purley focus on straightening out you back, and focus on "holy **** this is heavy".

  9. lay down on a tile/wood floor. i can always feel my back stretch out when i do that.

  10. Deadlifts seem to help with my posture. They just feel good and make me want to standup straight!


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