2 A-Days

  1. 2 A-Days

    OK. Just wanted to get some feedback and see what you guys think of working out 2 times in 1 day. ....

    So what do you peeps think? I'm sure we will have some great discussion on this[PHP][/PHP]

  2. I did it for a little while with no possitive benefit as far as muscle gains, but I did lose more fat.

    I think lifting twice a day is a bad idea, if your not resting your not growing.

  3. without being on gear i think its too hard on the system. if you're on enough stuff, there is benefit to doing this - thats why the pro's do it. if you're not on what the pro's are, odds are you will be overtraining real quick.

  4. I think it depends entirely upon the workouts you're doing - if you want to do total body twice a day, 4-5days/week, heck yeah you're overtraining.

    But if you did 1-2lower body movements in the morning and a couple upper body lifts in the evening, and did this 3days a week, I think it's a viable option.

    I think Chad Waterbury wrote something like that on T-nation...I'll have to look...
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