The age old question

  1. The age old question

    I have enjoyed great sucess with a 5 day split for a while now. I have gotten all the way up to 173 from 154 with a 10.1 bodyfat. I am looking into a 4 day split which will be

    sun- chest/ tris

    mon- back/ biceps

    tue- off

    wed- shoulders/ traps/ able

    thu- legs

    fri- off

    sat- off

    Is 4 days enough? If so what are some suggestions on a better and or more detailed split. I always hear you grow more with more rest. However, I feel like a loose my vascularity and overall muscle density with 4 days in the gym.

  2. stick with 5 days. if its working for you, keep it up. some of us have great success with only 3 days a week, some of us with 4, some can even get away with 6 days. its about what works best for you.

    if 5 days is working for you, why mess with it? we can advise you on what works best for US, and hope it will turn out the same for you, but if you already know what YOU need, keep doing it. personally, i have had my best success doing 5 days a week.

  3. Suncloud makes a great point everything people post is what they feel works best for them.

    I would suggest that if you are still seeing great results from this split keep doing it. Generally if I reach a rough spot where I feel overall I am not gaining at the same rate I was I will switch up what I do try to "shock the system" back into growing.

  4. What was your 5 day split?

  5. I suggest you change your routine every 4-6 weeks.

    I've found that I can get just a good of a workout with 3 days a week on a 5x5 versus the different splits i've tried.

    Do I need my flame suit for this?

  6. Quote Originally Posted by TheAnimalG View Post
    What was your 5 day split?
    right now im on a 4 day split but I train 2 times per week

    sun- chest/ calves

    mon- biceps/ legs

    tue- off

    wed- back/tricpes

    thu- shoulders/ traps/abs

    fri- off

    sat- repeat day 1


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