Neck pain from incline bench?

  1. Neck pain from incline bench?

    I have been lifting seriously for about nine months and recently I have been hitting primarily incline bench on my chest days, as is recommended by several posts on this site. However, I have been regularly having stiffness and pain along my spinal chord at about the level of my traps. I do not believe that I am using poor benching form, but any suggestions as to the cause of this neck pain would be more than welcome.

  2. Oh and for clarification on my chest days do 3 sets of 6-10 reps on four or five different chest exercises, although I typically start with and emphasize incline workouts- (Db press/fly and Bb press). I can feel the pain after incline movements as opposed to other motions.

  3. Try to keep the back of your head against the bench while you lift. If you pull it off, you can strain the muscles in your neck. I've seen that happen before to a buddy when he was lifting heavy. I noticed his head was coming off the bench and he strained his neck and had to take a week off from the gym. The next time I had him keep his head against the bench and he was fine.

  4. Alright I'll keep that in mind thanks a ton.

  5. Had the same symptoms along my trap (burning feeling going up and down) and it turned out to be a herniated disc.

    Follow Shaddow's advice for sure and also try keeping your chin tucked in so that you're neck and skull are flat against the bench

  6. Sounds like maybe you have a muscle spasm in your upper back. You might have strained a little to much finishing a rep. I currently have one, not caused by Incline though.


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