strength training methods..

  1. strength training methods..

    We all mostly know of the Westside method, and we all mostly understand the typical western periodization methods and the conjugate system, but there's another system.. a volume system that's being used a lot as well with great success. The system is named after I believe a Russian.. I can't remember his name, and I'm trying to find some literature on his methods. I think the name is Sheiko (although that sounds Japanese to me) or something similar. Anyway if anyone out there knows the name I'd be grateful if you could pass it along!



  2. Here is link to were they have quite a few downloads different Sheiko methods .I think they even sell the book or books that he wrote .I know I must have downloaded at least nine of his articles .

    Here it is;

    EliteFTS - Powerlifting and Strength Training Products and Knowledge for Lifters, Athletes, Coaches, and Trainers

    He is definitely Russian .His name is Boris Sheiko .I am pretty sure that he was a strength coach for their Olympic weight lifting teams .

  3. ya, sheiko knows his stuff. he has a past record that says it all

  4. Much thanks guys!


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