knee pain / strengthening the knees

  1. knee pain / strengthening the knees

    Recently my knees have been really bothering me... Sore, burning type pain in the shape of an upside down V on the top of my knees.

    I corrected my deadlift form and that helped a bit... I don't even bother squatting because that kills. I got some Dr scholla inserts for knee pain and that helped for a week or so...

    I stand at work for 6-8 hours in a shot and that seems to really aggravate it.

    Is there anything I can do to strengthen my knees?


  2. try knee wraps. my guess is a tendon is hurt. recheck your deadlift form - feet as close to the bar as possible. tendons just take time though.

  3. Its not so much the deadlifts that bother me... Its the long periods of standing

  4. i had/have achilles tendonitis in my ankles .... takes alot of time for tendons to heal...

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